Monday, October 20, 2008

"Wasted Days,Wasted Nights" HC Comp

So here's a old/new HC compilation I made EXACTLY a year ago today (didnt know that till I just found the post I made of it on,so like I said in my last post...Im only gonna post stuff that I uploaded.

Heres the tracklist-Im pretty sure #10 is actually Concrete Sox,then Crucifix and so on..
1. White Cross "Fascist"
2. Channel 3 "Manzanar"
3. Christ On Parade "Dont Draft Me"
4. Sado Nation "On Whom They Beat"
5. No Rules "The Fall"
6. Anti-System "Animal Welfare"
7. The Authorities "Shot In The Head"
8. Bastard "Tragic Insane"
9. Caustic Christ "False Alarm"
10. Crucifix "Death Toll"
11. Deadfall "Counting"
12. Dystopia "Stress Builds Character"
13. Hollywood Squares "Hollywood Square"
14. Infest "Fetch The Pliers"
15. Lee Harvey Oswald Band "Getting Wasted With The Vampires"
16. Marginal Man "Marginal Man"
17. MIA "Tomic Bomb"
18. Neurosis "Pollution"
19. The Offenders "I Hate Myself"
20. Personality Crisis "Vampires Dream"
21. The Regulations "Police Sirens"
22. Scurvy Dogs "Botoxicated"
23. Society Dog "The Babys Dead"
24. Super Heroines "Black Wedding"
25. Toxic Reasons "48 Hours"
26. Victims "Darkness Blinds You"
27. Willful Neglect "Gash Abuse"

  • Wasted HC Comp

    Bobovdeath said...

    the sharebee link only had one good link,the megaupload one,so i just fixed it...

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