Sunday, October 19, 2008

Last leeched blog post...

Thrasher Skate Rock Vol.3 "Wild Riders Of Boards"

So,ok..Ill get to about this shredding album in a minute..but first,hear me out. I had this blog for about a year and a half,and a few months ago while doing some shitty editing I erased it. I was pretty bummed cuz Id uploaded alot of stuff,and had some cool times writing and doing it. Doing this blog was really cool with alot of shit I was goin thru,and just bein a part of the whole music sharing community,I really loved it. I just started it back up again and the posts that are on here now,Ive gotten from other sources. I dont really like that,but I just wanted to make this blog active again and I dont have my computer with music in it or a way to upload shit right now,cuz Im couch surfing. Even though I have done it,I dont wanna re-post other peoples posts anymore,cuz thats lame...they had a reason for posting that,it meant something to them..and to just steal it outta thin air just cheapens it,you know? Like if you googled a certain album and found it here,the honesty behind the original uploaders motivation and spirit would be lost,and I think that sucks. So no more stolen posts....besides this one. Sorry original Wild Riders Of Boards poster,but this album meant so much to me as a kid and I want to post it. We used to be dirt trash kids in Tracy rockin this album and skating around (I was never a good skater by the way and I in NO WAY claim to be a skater,but still..) and smokin weed and drinking generic beer shoulder tapped from the Quik-Mart by El Pascadero Park (El Pak-A-Bowl-Load Park) on Tracy Blvd. This album is a must if you like fucked up teenager HC from the 80s. My favorite songs were the Christ On Parade trax..Id sing "Dont draft me cuz I wont go!!" at school,much to the dismay of the redneck Tracy hicks,and the absolutely ruling gloomy tune "The Fall" by No Rules,a band I would love to hear more by. And yes,I do own this album on vinyl,so I guess I dont feel THAT bad...but from now,just my own uploads huh. And theres a buncho links on this page..use them and discover some great music and great personalities and writing,and by all means leave them comments and encourage them to keep sharing rad music and their writing too,huh.

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