Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Be My Slave

Bitch "Be My Slave"

So I havent posted anything on here in quite a while,but Im gonna start tryin to get it back up again. Im puttin up this Bitch album cuz my and my friend JB who does Thedevilisleatheromega blog got a band going and weve been playing the title track to this album- albeit in a much more garage,fucked up way,without the drum solo and shit,but still...

I remember hearing this song on a old compilation that i bought in 84 or 85 cuz it had Slayer on it (duh..) and thinking it was a super badass ripping song. I mean,shit listen to the main guitar riff- it totally sounds like someting Disrupt or Anti-Cimex woulda layed down. And the rest of the albums pretty killer proto-thrash L.A. spikes metal too,not thrash but still METAL for what it was at that time. Im sure some a those NWOBHM metal types at the the time might not have agreed,but maybe they werent getting laid as much as Bitch were either

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