Monday, October 20, 2008

Rudy Ray Moore R.I.P.

I cant believe Rudy Ray Moore is dead. What a fuckin drag. The most badassest motherfucker ever. I hope you get to heaven or whatever it is,and still keep fuckin up them redneck honkys and bonin their trickass hos,fuckin up wack motherfuckers,and gettin your chips. The most badassery of badasseryness- Rudy Ray Moore.

Rudy Ray Moore inspired me to high levels of shitheadness,and I'll always think of him when I'm fuckin up backwards ass honky redneck sheriffs and bonin their wifes.

Rudy Ray Moore put out some funnyass movies and albums,so check em all out.

Rest In Peace with all your ho's and keep fuckin up motherfuckers,Rudy Ray.

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