Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dont vote for conservative douchery

There's a reason that KKK members and redneck racist bigots all vote republican. I dont like politicians at all,just like I dont like cops and other hall monitor snitch rats of society. Hell,I dont even like society. But- We all gotta live here,and we should do the right thing. What kind of stupid idiot doesnt realize that the most basic tenent of freedom begins with being able to do what the fuck you want with your own fucking body,and being with the person YOU choose,not what some fucking old stupid book says? Fuck the bible,Fuck god,Fuck jesus,and Fuck all any religious dogma that says you cant do anything you goddamn well feel the fuck like as long as it doesnt hurt anyone else. Thats just simple common fuckin sense. So dont vote republican. Not that voting democrat is any better,but at least the stupidass walmart,nascar,closet kkk,bigot,homophobe,racist dickheads wont have a figurehead in office. And these days,maybe thats enough.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Rudy Ray Moore R.I.P.

I cant believe Rudy Ray Moore is dead. What a fuckin drag. The most badassest motherfucker ever. I hope you get to heaven or whatever it is,and still keep fuckin up them redneck honkys and bonin their trickass hos,fuckin up wack motherfuckers,and gettin your chips. The most badassery of badasseryness- Rudy Ray Moore.

Rudy Ray Moore inspired me to high levels of shitheadness,and I'll always think of him when I'm fuckin up backwards ass honky redneck sheriffs and bonin their wifes.

Rudy Ray Moore put out some funnyass movies and albums,so check em all out.

Rest In Peace with all your ho's and keep fuckin up motherfuckers,Rudy Ray.
"Wasted Days,Wasted Nights" HC Comp

So here's a old/new HC compilation I made EXACTLY a year ago today (didnt know that till I just found the post I made of it on,so like I said in my last post...Im only gonna post stuff that I uploaded.

Heres the tracklist-Im pretty sure #10 is actually Concrete Sox,then Crucifix and so on..
1. White Cross "Fascist"
2. Channel 3 "Manzanar"
3. Christ On Parade "Dont Draft Me"
4. Sado Nation "On Whom They Beat"
5. No Rules "The Fall"
6. Anti-System "Animal Welfare"
7. The Authorities "Shot In The Head"
8. Bastard "Tragic Insane"
9. Caustic Christ "False Alarm"
10. Crucifix "Death Toll"
11. Deadfall "Counting"
12. Dystopia "Stress Builds Character"
13. Hollywood Squares "Hollywood Square"
14. Infest "Fetch The Pliers"
15. Lee Harvey Oswald Band "Getting Wasted With The Vampires"
16. Marginal Man "Marginal Man"
17. MIA "Tomic Bomb"
18. Neurosis "Pollution"
19. The Offenders "I Hate Myself"
20. Personality Crisis "Vampires Dream"
21. The Regulations "Police Sirens"
22. Scurvy Dogs "Botoxicated"
23. Society Dog "The Babys Dead"
24. Super Heroines "Black Wedding"
25. Toxic Reasons "48 Hours"
26. Victims "Darkness Blinds You"
27. Willful Neglect "Gash Abuse"

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  • Sunday, October 19, 2008

    Last leeched blog post...

    Thrasher Skate Rock Vol.3 "Wild Riders Of Boards"

    So,ok..Ill get to about this shredding album in a minute..but first,hear me out. I had this blog for about a year and a half,and a few months ago while doing some shitty editing I erased it. I was pretty bummed cuz Id uploaded alot of stuff,and had some cool times writing and doing it. Doing this blog was really cool with alot of shit I was goin thru,and just bein a part of the whole music sharing community,I really loved it. I just started it back up again and the posts that are on here now,Ive gotten from other sources. I dont really like that,but I just wanted to make this blog active again and I dont have my computer with music in it or a way to upload shit right now,cuz Im couch surfing. Even though I have done it,I dont wanna re-post other peoples posts anymore,cuz thats lame...they had a reason for posting that,it meant something to them..and to just steal it outta thin air just cheapens it,you know? Like if you googled a certain album and found it here,the honesty behind the original uploaders motivation and spirit would be lost,and I think that sucks. So no more stolen posts....besides this one. Sorry original Wild Riders Of Boards poster,but this album meant so much to me as a kid and I want to post it. We used to be dirt trash kids in Tracy rockin this album and skating around (I was never a good skater by the way and I in NO WAY claim to be a skater,but still..) and smokin weed and drinking generic beer shoulder tapped from the Quik-Mart by El Pascadero Park (El Pak-A-Bowl-Load Park) on Tracy Blvd. This album is a must if you like fucked up teenager HC from the 80s. My favorite songs were the Christ On Parade trax..Id sing "Dont draft me cuz I wont go!!" at school,much to the dismay of the redneck Tracy hicks,and the absolutely ruling gloomy tune "The Fall" by No Rules,a band I would love to hear more by. And yes,I do own this album on vinyl,so I guess I dont feel THAT bad...but from now,just my own uploads huh. And theres a buncho links on this page..use them and discover some great music and great personalities and writing,and by all means leave them comments and encourage them to keep sharing rad music and their writing too,huh.

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  • Friday, October 17, 2008

    Let Them Eat Jellybeans

    So I come home from school one day,in Tracy,Ca. circa 1985. Id left some records out in the front room of our apt.,cuz I was crankin em up on my mom's new stereo while she was at work,instead of my little thrift store combo in my room. So my moms sitting there with the poster insert to this lp open,lookin at it with a pissed off look on her face. "What the HELL is THIS!? "Jesus entering from the rear?! Fucking you in the ass?!" she demanded to know. She didnt quite get the gist of The Feederz anti-church hit single I guess. Anyways,this comp. holds a special place in my heart as it was my introduction to underground punk rock. I love it because not only does it have the HC or Black Flag,DOA,Circle Jerks,Feederz,etc..but also on the flip were way cool songs by Really Red and Geza X,so it really turned me on to weird sounds. Oh yeah,Id also left the first Suicidal Tendencies lp and Possessed's "7 Churches" sittin out,too. My mom wasnt too happy with their lyrics either.

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  • Thursday, October 16, 2008

    Despise You "West Side Horizons"

    Raging,fucked up,tight as a babys ass Power Violence from SoCal. These people rip up the gnarly thrash and grind like in fuck your ass up. This is the ill shit.

  • Despise You "West Side Horizons"
  • Alcest "Le Secret"

    Imagine Slowdive and Burzum having a baby..the most beautiful,darkwave Black Metal songs ever. I love this band from France done a member of Les Legiones Noire. This is something I used to listen to 3 years ago when I was staying up all night drinking wine,snorting lots of speed,and missing a girl I loved very much. If you havent heard this,you should.

  • Alcest "Le Secret"
  • Black Crucifixion "Promethean Gift"

    I first heard of Finnish Black Metallers Black Crucifixion in 1992 during a trip up to L.A. to Wild Rags Records to load up on some shit. I was looking for some real Black Metal and was recommended this bands totally awesome "Flowing Downwards" demo. I loved the dark rumbling atmosphere of the first song and the spooky whispered vocals. This is the release after it and if you like spooky haunting Black Metal the Finnish way,youll dig this. Holocausto Vengeance from Beherit did the musical intro & outros.

  • Black Crucifixion
  • Fields Of The Nephilim "Dawnrazor"

    The all time Goth classic...swirling,haunting guitars like The Smiths gone totally evil,and a howling,moaning,voice of hell. One of the best Goth rock albums ever,and one of my favorites for the last 20 years. This is a brilliant,dark fucker of an album and perfect for dark,rainy nights on dope and booze. My favorite song is the violent opener "Slow Kill",but the whole album is killer,esp. "Blue Water" and this song...

    "Preacher Man" video (this is awesome...)

  • Dawnrazor

    Heres a great collection from awesome early 80's LA punk band Red Scare. They had a fantastic singer named Bobbi Brat,who died way too young from cancer. They could be compared to early female fronted bands like Vice Squad or Sin 34,but they had their own style and sound. Definitely a cool band. My personal fave is "Street Life".

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  • Part 2