Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Gun Club "Fire Of Love"

This album will get you laid.

Poor black people had their songs of strife,hardship and dirty living back in the early part of the last century,and called it The Blues. Jeffrey Lee Pierce and his poor artist friends had their dark,twangy,beautiful songs of 80's Hollywood punk americana,of being alive in the middle of the night waiting for dope,of love lost,found and hoped for..and called it The Gun Club.

This album is one of the best bein fucked up,bein wasted with someone or with no one sounding albums ever made. Twangy Punk Blues like if you just stepped on a dirty needle. Pretty much everything Jeffrey Lee Pierce did is amazing,and he died way too early for someone with so much talent. Check it out.

  • Fire Of Love

    Bobovdeath said...
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    Aesop said...

    zShare is dead

    Bobovdeath said...

    thanx aesop..gonna up it myself right now

    still owe you that grinch lp,gotta dig it out

    big boy said...

    A masterpiece, Knocks me out with every listen. Thanks

    Anonymous said...

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