Monday, June 16, 2008

Witchcraft "The Alchemist"

I remember when I was a kid and I first heard The Scorpions "Blackout",I dunno in like 82 or something. I was 12 and thought "Damn,that shit is what I wanna listen to for the rest of my fucking life in this shitty fucked up okie ass portagee tracy,ca. stupid redneck town where I get picked on by stupid chew suckin cowboys everyday"... I loved that album and all the other metal albums i listened to after that and it made me a real shithead smartmouth,that screaming metal shit. I discovered Black Flag and Bad Brains and Slayer and Venom after that,but that first Metal shit put me on my way. Whats that got to do with this fucking awesome Witchcraft album? Well,I remember this dude named Shamn who we used to for some reason call "Madonna" cuz he had big poofy hair,one day he said "Hey, like Slayer? Ill let you borrow this Witchfinder General "Death Penalty" tape if you lemme borrow your Slayer "Show No Mercy" tape".

Bein that we hung out on the same street,I did.

I remember I loved that Witchfinder General tape...thats why Im so stoked on Witchcraft. Listen to the Doom and rock the fuck out,and go buy it....

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    You always post the best stuff...a lot of it I've shamefully never heard of.

    How are you these days?